Opera 9 - your web, your choice

Top 150 Popular Firefox Extensions and Opera

Out of the box functionality in Opera 9, roughly equivalent capability
Comparable add-on for Opera using UserScript or Widget or easy customization
Very limited functionality, or advanced customization necessary
Not available
# Firefox extensionsAvailability in Opera 9
1 VideoDownloader / 21 DownloadHelper / 36 Fast Video Download / 52 Media Pirate - The video downloader / 55 MediaPlayerConnectivity / 56 UnPlug / 58 Video Download / 61 Download Embedded / 64 Ook? Video Ook! / 92 Get Video / 110 Google Video Downloader / Get Video / Amazing Media Browser VideoDownloader Widget with copy & paste, or bookmarklets, or Extra download links UserScript or Download embeds UserScript
2 Adblock Plus / 38 Adblock / 96 Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper Block content. Opera has no automatic updating of third-party lists, but such lists can be downloaded manually
3 NoScript Site Preferences
4 FlashGot / 6 DownThemAll Links Panel and/or customized menu in combination with an external accelerator. Or use oGet to link Opera to external accelerators.
5 Download Statusbar Transfers panel icon shows remaining download time
7 IETab / 67 IE View / 129 IE View Lite "Open in IE" button
8 Greasemonkey User Java­Script (optionally with Emulate GM functions Userscript)
9 Forecastfox / 22 Forecastfox L10n / 77 Forecastfox Enhanced / 102 1-ClickWeather touchtheSky Widget or Weather Widget
10 PDF Download Shoust's Userscript and built-in choice between using plugin or download for PDFs
11 FasterFox Preferences, opera:config; Prefetching UserScript
12 Web Developer / 16 FireBug / 130 View formatted source (format source extension) / CSSViewer / X-Ray / JSView Tools > Advanced > Error Console, Web Developer Toolbar & Menu, bookmarklets, Opera developer tools under development, JSView custom menu item
13 FireFTP / CrossFTP Not available
14 Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer / OnlineBookmarkManager Synchronizer / Google Browser Sync Third party tool oSync
15 FoxyTunes Get buttons or a menu for various players at Multimedia Controls in Opera and read Music browsing with Opera to learn how to load MP3 files from webpages directly in your music player
17 StumbleUpon / 62 Yoono Bookmarklets from toolbarless StumbleUpon
18 Tab Mix Plus / superT Mostly normal Opera functions
19 Colorful Tabs / 135 ChromaTabs Not available
20 Tab Effect Not available
23 del.icio.us Bookmarks / 57 del.icio.us buttons Draggable buttons
24 User Agent Switcher Site preferences > Network
25 Tab Scope Tab preview tooltips are built-in
26 Cooliris Previews Not available (challenge for UserScript writers)
27 Megaupload SX.3 You can add text to Opera's User-agent string, that will give the same effect. Set opera:config#ISP|Id to "SV1; MEGAUPLOAD 1.0" (without the quotes) and then click the Save button. This particular opera:config change requires a restart to take effect.
28 MinimizeToTray / Minimize To Tray Button Ctrl+H, draggable button
29 Adblock Filterset.G Updater Not available
30 Clipmarks / 93 Jeteye / Diigo - your best companion for online research The built-in Notes in Opera offer the local functionality, not the online storage or sharing
31 Map+ Not available (challenge for UserScript writers)
32 Firefox Showcase / 41 Tab Catalog / Reveal / Viamatic foXpose Thumbnails for tabs, can be enabled for Ctrl+Tab in opera:config, and Tabs > Arrange > Tile (maybe together with Fit to Width)
33 Mouse Gestures / 49 All-in-One Gestures / easyGestures Standard Opera features
34 Sage / 50 Wizz RSS News Reader / NewsFox Newsfeeds menu and panel
35 ChatZilla Chat
37 Image Zoom Most features out-of-box; try also AutoSizer UserScript/Zoom Image UserScript
39 Flashblock Site Preferences, Block Content and Flash Block UserScript or different Flashblock UserScript
40 TorrentBar / 68 TorrentFinder Toolbar bittorrent.com search available of the box; it is easy to add more with Create search.
42 Torbutton F12 > Enable proxy servers; see also SwitchProxy
43 SwitchProxy Tool / 60 FoxyProxy You can create a custom menu, buttons or shortcuts to switch between various proxy servers for various protocols. Example
44 Gmail Manager / 59 Gmail Notifier / 103 Yahoo! Mail Notifier Add the account in Opera's mail client to get notifications... Or use the Gmail Checker widget
45 All-In-One Sidebar Panels (F4)
46 Gmail Space Not available (use GMail Drive)
47 ScribeFire Not available
48 BlueOrganizer Not available
51 CustomizeGoogle CustomizeGoogle for Opera UserScript, or Google Suggest UserScript if you only want that specific option
53 Speed Dial Speed Dial is the new feature in Opera 9.20, this Firefox copy doesn't have the decency to tell it is inspired...
54 Download Manager Tweak Standard Opera behavior: Transfers Tab, Transfers Panel
63 Firefox Extension Backup Extension Firefox specific
65 Firefox Companion for Kodak EasyShare Gallery Not available
66 Answers Text selection context menu
69 CacheViewer Thumbnails in Opera's Cache hack
70 Session Manager / SessionSaver Sessions, startup options
71 Screengrab! Not available
72 LinkedIn Companion for Firefox Not available
73 ColorZilla Not available
74 ShowIP You can add searches from DNS Stuff or Network Tools to the list of search engines in Opera, or add a draggable button.
75 Tabbrowser Preferences Preferences > Advanced > Tabs
76 Aging Tabs Not available
78 translator / 79 FoxLingo / 100 QwaraToolbar Translate selected text from the context menu. Services for translating whole websites can be added with Create Search or by editing menu.ini.
80 iMacros for Firefox Not available
76 Snap Links Not available
82 ScrapBook Notes (text only), or Dmitry's OBook Plugin (Windows only). See also Clipmarks
83 ReloadEvery Page context menu > Reload every...
84 GooglePreview Greasemonkey Userscript Google Thumbnails works in Opera
85 JavaScript Debugger Not available
86 Save Complete Opera already saves completely
87 ReminderFox Reminder widgets
88 Html Validator Ctrl+Alt+V
89 Informational Tab Most functions built-in in some way
90 FoxGame OperaGame program and userscript
91 AllPeers Beta Not available
94 Split Browser Tab context menu > Arrange
95 Stylish User Stylesheet in Site Preferences
97 CuteMenus - Crystal SVG All relevant images from the skin are shown in the menu
98 Google Icon CustomizeGoogle for Opera UserScript
99 Fission Tools > Appearance > Toolbars, several progress bar options
101 Live HTTP Headers Bookmarklet
104 MR Tech Local Install Firefox specific
105 Update Notifier Firefox specific
106 Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader) Not available
107 Bookmark Duplicate Detector Try star to avoid making duplicates, and third party tool Deadlink
108 Gmail Skins Not available
109 Autocomplete Manager Partly standard Opera behavior
111 Stealther Not available
112 Broadband Speed Test and Diagnostics Not available (you could bookmark a connection speed tester)
113 DictionarySearch / Dictionary (EN/DE) / Dictionary Tooltip Context menu for selected text (hold Shift to open in a new page)
114 TiX Now! Not available
115 gTranslate Selected text context menu
116 Add N Edit Cookies OTools > Advanced > Cookies gives access to cookies to edit and delete. The Opera developer tools offer full control.
117 MediaWrap Not available
118 WOT Not available - but Opera 9.10 has built-in phishing protection using PhishTank data
119 FullerScreen Standard Opera behavior
120 Tamper Data Try Web-Sniffer online servive
121 Minimize To Tray Enhancer Not available
122 MeasureIt Ruler widgets
123 Locationbar˛ Not available
124 Splash Not available
125 Pronto Shopping Messenger Not available
126 KeyScrambler Personal Not as seemless, but you can use a virtual keyboard userscript for secure entry of sensitive information in text fields
127 gladder Not available
128 Anonymization Toolbar Not available
131 Separate tabs Not available
132 FoxClocks Local time clock built-in (Tools > Appearance > Buttons > Status), World Clock widget, World Clocks widget
133 Batch Download Not available.
134 DeskCam Not available.
136 Password Exporter The file 'wand.dat' can be moved or copied between profile folders
137 Better Gmail Gmail Macros userscript
138 Ctrl Tab Preview Built-in option is off by default, enable Use Thumbnails in Window Cycle and click "Save"
139 Save Image in Folder Not available
140 Make every word interactive with Hyperwords. Various searches by default, can be added easily, all available from selected text context menu
141 backword Not available
142 AutoSlideshow FastForward button turns into Slideshow button when multiple images are linked from a page
143 Restart Firefox Firefox specific, restart is often not needed in Opera to apply customizations
144 CookieSafe Site Preferences
145 Tiny Menu Draggable buttons
146 Smart Bookmarks Bar Right-click Personal bar > Customize > Toolbars > Style: Images only
147 Linkification / Text Link Go to URL in context menu, Linkify UserScript for text files
148 Net Usage Item Not available
149 Orkut Toolbar The mini Orkut widget offers searches and shortcuts to www.orkut.com
150 PhishTank SiteChecker Click the ? in the address field or press Alt+Enter

More extensions

Maybe the list below, of extensions not among Top 150 anymore, can still be useful to find functionality and extensions for Opera.

Firefox extensions ratingAvailability in Opera 9
Paste and Go 2 Address field context menu, keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B
Link Alert / smart-cursor Link alert UserScript
Internote Robosticky UserScript
View Source Chart Built-in user style sheets (View > Style > Show Structural elements & Debug with outline)
PermaTabs Sessions and 'Lock tab' (in tab context menu)
Toolbar Buttons / FireFoxMenuButtons Draggable buttons galore at OperaWiki.info/ButtonMaker
Copy Plain Text Ahem, Opera only supports plain text copying
Personal Menu Toolbars can be changed completely using the UI in Opera. Menus and toolbars can be easily edited in the plain text editor.
Undo Closed Tabs Button Standard Opera behavior
Tab X Standard Opera behavior
Morning Coffee Just use (nick)named bookmark folders?
Print/Print Preview Draggable button
Context Search Standard Opera behavior
Duplicate Tab Standard Opera behavior (Tab context menu, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N, Down-Up mouse gesture), draggable button
Clear Private Data... Draggable button
Googlepedia Operapedia UserScript (my.opera development thread)
SlimSearch Standard Opera behavior
Add Bookmark Here / Bookmark This Page Plus Standard Opera behavior
Custom Buttons Draggable buttons/ButtonMaker
Nuke Anything Enhanced Bookmarklet
Text Complete Autocompletion from stored Personal Info and easy-fill from Notes)
LastTab Standard Opera behavior (use Ctrl+F6, or change setting in Prefs, to get default Firefox behavior)
Extended Statusbar Standard Opera behavior
QuickZoom / PageZoom Standard Opera behavior (zoom field can be placed anywhere), draggable buttons
Google Calendar Notifier gCalendar widget
ImgLikeOpera Standard Opera behavior, also Block External Userscript
OperaView Standard Opera behavior! You can also add 'View in Firefox' and 'View in IE' buttons
2 Pane Bookmarks Standard Opera behavior ('View' button in panel toolbar)
POTO Sidebar Extension Standard Opera behavior
DomNav Standard Opera behavior (Rewind button)
Open link in... / thisTab! Link context menu
Console˛ Tools > Advanced > Error console